Engineered Tax Services Accepts Investment from RevRoad

Engineered Tax Services, (ETS), one of the country’s largest licensed tax credits and incentives advisory firms, has garnered the support of equity firm RevRoad in a recent investment partnership as a minority share owner.

In this strategic partnership, RevRoad service departments will support Engineered Tax Services in transforming from a service-based business to a technology-driven enterprise, introducing new tools and options for efficiency and accuracy. Engineered Tax Services, a minority-led enterprise, aligns with RevRoad’s commitment to supporting diverse businesses. The RevRoad portfolio features 43% minority-led companies.

“With this new partnership, our goal and mission are the same. Only to do it better and faster – to reach more clients and allow small businesses access to tax benefits and grants,” said Julio Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Engineered Advisory, which encompasses ETS, The Growth Partnership and INSIDE Public Accounting. “The mission is to create tax equality so that all small businesses have access to these benefits afforded to them. Ultimately, our goal is to provide exceptional technology solutions in our industry that will dramatically enhance the client experience.”

RevRoad’s expertise in technology integration will assist in Engineered Tax Services’ goal of optimizing internal processes to offer more comprehensive services to CPAs and the accounting profession as well as real estate investors, architects and many others. The collaboration also opens doors for Engineered Tax Services, granting access to additional companies and affiliates through RevRoad’s extensive network, creating opportunities for enhanced growth in sales and production.

Derrin Hill, founder and CEO of RevRoad, emphasized the shared vision for growth and success. “At RevRoad, we seek high-growth and scalable companies where we can add the most value. Engineered Tax Services’ clear path forward, utilizing tech solutions to streamline operations and accelerate client service rate, is exactly the kind of strategic growth we look for. We’re excited to welcome Engineered Tax Services to the RevRoad portfolio and believe that together, we can drive scalability and manifest our shared values.”

The investment comes at a crucial time for Engineered Tax Services. The investment partnership will allow Engineered Tax Services to retain more working capital, drive profitability, and solidify its position as an advocate for small and mid-sized businesses.

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