Spotlighting the Nation's
Top 500 CPA Firms

The Annual List: Comprehensive Rankings

Every year, INSIDE Public Accounting ranks the top 500 CPA firms in the nation based on net revenue, from the multi-billion-dollar Big 4 to No. 500. 

The rankings are the most anticipated announcement of the year for IPA clients and subscribers of our data-driven practice management blogs. Leaders are eager to learn whether their firms have inched higher up the list, as the rankings change dramatically from year to year with the rapid pace of both organic growth and M&A-fueled expansion. 

Beyond the Numbers: Detailed Analysis

IPA’s analysis of the IPA 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 firm groupings help identify and contextualize the challenges and opportunities of the previous year and describe how firms have pivoted to adjust.  

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Benchmarking Trends:

Peering into Progress

IPA also delves into the many ways firms can benchmark their progress against their peers: the fastest-growing firms in the IPA 100 (organic growth and all growth), regional comparisons, five-year trends, profitability and compensation for partners and staff.   

Each year, we have a repeat rate of more than 90%. This sustained participation allows IPA to continue to provide the most comprehensive examination of the accounting profession.

If you would like a PDF copy of the IPA 500, including highlights and KPIs, 500 Rankings by revenue, Fastest-Growing Firms and Year-Over-Year Trends, click below to view our benchmarking offerings.