Practice Management Reports

Setting the Benchmark for CPA Firms

Explore INSIDE Public Accounting’s suite of specialized CPA benchmarking reports, crafted from data of 600+ CPA firms, with tailored insights on information technology, human resources, firm administration, and practice management.  

INSIDE Public Accounting offers four specialized reports for the profession on an annual basis. These reports are based on the data received from more than 600 CPA firms that participate in the Practice Management Survey. 

The executive summaries are excerpted from the full benchmarking reports. The summaries include a table of contents that highlights all the data covered in each report so you can decide whether you want to learn more from the full reports. 

To access the executive summaries from this past year, please click below.

Practice Management Report

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Information Technology Report

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Human Resources Report

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Firm Administration Report

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If you would like a PDF copy of the IPA 500, including highlights and KPIs, 500 Rankings by revenue, Fastest-Growing Firms and Year-Over-Year Trends, click below to view our benchmarking offerings.

Report Cards

Custom Financial and Operational Analysis

Don’t spend hours sifting through financial records, survey data and internal reports. We can create a customized solution specific to your firm that will show you the key metrics you care about in an easy-to-understand format.

IPA report cards provide participating firms with a report of more than 20 key performance indicators – specific to your firm – compared to all other firms participating in the IPA Practice Management Survey and firms in your revenue band.