The Elite: IPA’s
Best of the Best CPA Firms

Every year, IPA names 75 Best of the Best CPA firms – including 60 firms over $10 million in net revenue, 10 under $10 million and five Canadian firms. To select these superstars of the profession, IPA applies a proprietary scoring formula of more than 50 metrics to the 600+ firms that participate in the IPA Practice Management Survey.  

These data points include traditional metrics such as net revenue growth and leverage, along with governance policies, long-range planning efforts, professional development, outsourcing, compensation and process improvement. 

By participating in the IPA Practice Management Survey, you’ll be in the running to join this prestigious honor roll. Show off your firm’s excellence and become one of the best CPA firms. 

The INSIDE Public Accounting Practice Management Survey is now open for participation.
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Recognizing Top Performers:

A Legacy of Excellence

Continuing a tradition built over nearly three decades, INSIDE Public Accounting annually names the top-performing firms in North America as the IPA Best of the Best. They come in all sizes – from a billion-dollar firm to a $3 million firm. The IPA Best of the Best can serve multiple industries over a national footprint or a single industry from one office with one partner and a few staff.  

In other words, it doesn’t take unlimited resources to be named a top performer – smaller firms that do more with less can grow quickly and efficiently with results that are the envy of their peers. The Best of the Best find ways to excel despite the vagaries of the economy, technological changes and staffing challenges. 

What all the Best of the Best have in common is a focus on operational and financial excellence. Leaders don’t get so caught up in the day-to-day routine that they overlook the basics of running a business and running it well. They watch their numbers and keep a steady eye on their growth goals, all while maintaining a positive work environment. Our list is designed to provide an even playing field to recognize the valuable work that drives our industry forward.