Marcum Launches As Internal Efficiency Tool

New York-based IPA 100 firm Marcum (FY22 net revenue of $1.2 billion) has launched, a tool powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, which the firm uses to improve productivity and efficiency for its team members.

Developed by Marcum Technology’s innovation incubator, Marcum Labs, the tool is embedded within Microsoft Teams. Few accounting firms have embedded a custom generative AI interface into the platform, which extends its accessibility and functionality as a secure AI tool for Marcum employees to use at their desks and on mobile devices. was created for internal use only.

This approach combines a user-friendly interface with the power of and positions the new tool within the firm’s existing day-to-day workflow. The firm expects to enhance communication, knowledge-sharing and problem-solving.

“By equipping our workforce with cutting-edge resources, we generate excitement and set them up to thrive. Streamlining day-to-day tasks allows them to dedicate more time to their core job functions, utilizing their experience and unparalleled technical proficiency to deliver exceptional service to our clients,” said Peter Scavuzzo, Marcum’s chief information and digital officer and CEO of Marcum Technology.

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