Launches Generative AI Toolkit, the business and technology subsidiary of the AICPA, has released a suite of practical tools designed to help accounting and finance professionals better understand and utilize generative AI (GenAI). The new AI resources include:

  • Educational materials, including videos and other content
  • A downloadable toolkit that includes use cases and a strategic 7-step plan for constructing a tailored AI strategy
  • Use case tutorials designed to walk users through specific practice and business segments that may benefit from AI tools
  • A security checklist outlining security considerations and remediation recommendations
  • A GenAI glossary with key terms
  • A list of upcoming learning opportunities, including webinars and events

“We believe that generative AI will have a significant impact on the accounting profession – more so than any other recent technology advancements,” says president and CEO Erik Asgeirsson. “This new toolkit is just one of several ways we’re helping practitioners demystify its capabilities and share some very basic and practical use cases to help illustrate the possibilities.”


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