Engineered Advisory Accelerator Offers New Business Credit Service to Solve Business Owners’ No. 1 Problem

It’s no secret that cash flow is a never-ending worry for small business owners, and a top reason why nearly half of companies fail within the first five years. What’s more perplexing is how to solve the problem without taking on too much risk.

Engineered Advisory Accelerator has welcomed a new partner for CPA firms to help their clients build their business credit, access financing, and learn how to leverage, direct and manage cash flow for more profits.

“Business owners don’t start their own companies to put their personal credit at risk, but that’s exactly what many end up doing,” says relationship manager Kim Lochridge. “If you have little capital and a struggling business, owners are in a poor position to ask for another loan, but to grow and thrive, Main Street businesses should be able to build business credit like Wall Street.”

Engineered Advisory Accelerator’s new service involves removing a business owner’s personal risk and liability by building a robust credit score on the business Federal Tax EIN. Though a collaborative approach and customized software, CPA firms can help business owners develop a diverse credit portfolio to access cash flow when they need it without using personal guarantees.

The Engineered Advisory Accelerator business credit partner has been fully vetted and has helped more than 43,000 businesses receive $1.3 billion in business credit. CPA firms that belong to Engineered Advisory Accelerator are committed to solving every client’s financial needs, but few firms can do it alone. Our professional partners offer a range of services that may be outside the firm’s area of expertise.


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