New Service from Engineered Advisory Accelerator Can Ease Unprecedented CPA Talent Shortage

With the war for talent at its most intense in recent memory, CPA firms are seeking creative solutions to meet the increasingly complex demands of their clients.

Employing professionals outside the U.S. is one way to solve the capacity challenges, and Engineered Advisory Accelerator now offers members a professional partner with access to thousands of accountants trained to U.S. accounting standards in the Philippines and South Africa. Staff are experienced in accounting, auditing, bookkeeping and administrative roles and have worked in more than 1,000 firms worldwide.

Labor costs are a fraction of what they are in the U.S., but these savings are not the only advantage. A global talent pool frees up U.S. teams to solve client problems and grow their own businesses. At the same time, the latest security protocols and platforms ensure data transfer is secure, efficient and available around the clock. Training helps firms comply with security protocols and manage staff across the globe.

“Staffing is the No. 1 issue keeping CPA firm partners up at night,” said relationship manager Amanda Garner. “Leaders are turning to highly qualified staff overseas so they can use their time doing what they do best – serving clients.”

In addition to staffing, Engineered Advisory Accelerator members can access a range of services that may be outside the firm’s area of expertise, including cost segregation, research and development tax credits, wealth preservation and much more. CPA firms that belong to Engineered Advisory Accelerator are committed to solving every client’s financial needs, but few firms can do it alone. That’s where Engineered Advisory Accelerator’s strictly vetted professional partners come in, helping firms provide the guidance and advice clients need to thrive.


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