Weaver Admits Tim Mohr


Houston-based IPA 100 firm Weaver (FY22 net revenue of $197.6 million) has admitted Tim Mohr as a partner in its advisory practice, where he will focus on forensics and litigation services.

Mohr has over 30 years of forensics and investigative experience, specializing in corporate investigations, forensic accounting, investigative due diligence, monitorship and services related to anti-money laundering. Prior to joining Weaver, he spent more than 20 years with a top-10 public accounting firm, where he led the forensics and litigation services practice of 300 professionals across 15 markets.

“As Weaver continues to build its presence in the New York market, Tim’s established network and strong reputation will be an excellent asset in accelerating growth,” says CEO and MP John Mackel.


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