Remove the Complexity from Property Tax Management with New Service from Engineered Advisory Accelerator

Engineered Advisory Accelerator is widening its suite of services to help CPA firm members more easily manage complex property tax issues by minimizing tax liability, improving controls and compliance, and reducing risk.

Through licensed software of a deeply knowledgeable professional partner, firms can more easily manage complex property tax issues, including valuation analysis, data management, return preparation, asset administration, bill pay services and more.

“We believe property owners should pay their fair share in taxes, but no more than that,” said Dave Mitchell, director of business development at Engineered Tax Services. “Our partner has recovered more than $2.5 billion in tax savings every year for clients around the globe.”

Engineered Advisory Accelerator’s new end-to-end property tax solutions provider can also review assessments, identify non-taxable costs and underutilized assets, and offer support through the mergers and acquisitions process. “The services are so integrated and efficient that they give executives in every industry the gift of time to focus on overall strategy,” Mitchell said.

CPA firms are always looking for ways to save their clients money, but it’s next to impossible to understand every avenue to do so. Engineered Advisory Accelerator members can look to its roster of vetted partners to provide badly needed customized advice to their clients.


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