Optimized Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT) Services Now Offered Through Engineered Advisory Accelerator

Engineered Advisory Accelerator is expanding its services to include Optimized Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts (OCLATS), which reward high-net-worth clients with federal and state tax deductions today in exchange for donations to charity in the future.

The new Engineered Advisory Accelerator service will help CPA firm clients with a high income who are about to sell (or have already sold) an asset with a large capital gain. Immediate savings comes from the dollar-for-dollar tax deduction in the year of the OCLAT funding while a portion of the assets are donated to worthy charities.

“The OCLAT can be funded by clients – every single tax year – to reduce federal and state taxes by up to 30%,” said Kim Lochridge, executive vice president of Engineered Tax Services.

She added that the OCLAT can be funded with stocks/bonds and investment real estate, and the numerous benefits include an exemption from the 40% federal gift and estate tax when transferring wealth to heirs.

Savvy accounting firm leaders are amping up their consulting services, but it’s nearly impossible to understand every tax credit or incentive program out there. That’s where Engineered Advisory Accelerator comes in by providing CPA firm members access to its roster of deeply knowledgeable, vetted professional partners.

“Ultimately, assuming a reasonable rate of return on investments, clients can receive up to five times their initial contribution,” Lochridge said. “Engineered Advisory Accelerator has partnered with a law firm that has conducted well over 100 OCLATS without an IRS audit, so we encourage CPA firms to consider this form of tax savings for their clients.”


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