Engineered Advisory Adds Land Preservation Service to Accelerator Program

Engineered Advisory Accelerator has expanded its comprehensive suite of services for CPA firms by offering expertise in land preservation tax incentives.

Donating land for preservation can yield significant tax savings but landowners must rigorously follow the requirements, use an appraiser with experience in fee simple donations and conservation easements, and donate to a reputable, well-established land trust conservancy. The new Engineered Advisory Accelerator service will provide the needed due diligence and ensure the landowner’s intent is followed.

“Through its land preservation service, CPA firms can help their clients do the right thing for the environment and save tax dollars at the same time,” said Jerry Winkelmann, Engineered Advisory’s vice president of strategic partnerships. “We’re offering Engineered Advisory Accelerator firms another way to assist their clients.”

Donation of fee simple and conservation easements, considered a charitable deduction by the federal government, is just one example of tax savings accounting firms can offer through Engineered Advisory. CPAs are becoming more consultative with their clients, but not every service falls within their personal expertise, Winkelmann said. Engineered Advisory Accelerator provides CPA firm members access to its deeply knowledgeable professional partners.

“Engineered Advisory Accelerator has partnered with one of the leading firms helping clients protect property from development while realizing significant tax savings,” he said. “Land trusts across the nation have conserved 56 million acres and they are continually adding to that number. We are pleased to offer responsible investment services through Engineered Advisory Accelerator.”


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