Engineered Advisory Adds Staffing Service to Accelerator Program

Engineered Advisory Accelerator is offering a staffing solution for CPA firms – and their client businesses – that are strapped with too much work and too few professionals to complete it.

The accounting profession is undergoing its worst talent shortage in recent memory and low-cost, effective solutions are badly needed. CPA firm clients also need to fill the gaps.

A team of seasoned, high-caliber recruiters work with a variety of industries and will consult with hiring managers to deliver talented individuals with the right skills and experience for part-time or full-time positions. The new Engineered Advisory Accelerator staffing service does not require any upfront fees, lowering recruitment and hiring costs.

“Recruiters select candidates who share the business owner’s vision are ready to contribute immediately,” said Kaytlyn Wolfe, relationship manager for Engineered Advisory Accelerator. “CPAs committed to expanding their advisory role with clients may not have the resources to offer specialty services such as staffing. That is why Engineered Advisory Accelerator offers a comprehensive suite of services through its deeply knowledgeable professional partners.”


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