INSIDE Public Accounting Monthly – March Issue Now Available

Did you know that recent AICPA data shows the accounting profession is 77% white, 14% Asian, 2% Black and 5% Hispanic or Latino? When it comes to partners, 82% are white. Where are firms falling short?

How about this? Nearly half (49%) of firms above $50 million in IPA’s 2022 Information Technology Survey said they were actively investing in and testing AI prototypes – up from 32% reported the year before. How is AI transforming the profession?

You can get answers to these questions and much more in the March issue of INSIDE Public Accounting Monthly. Each month, the IPA team covers the latest happenings across the accounting profession, taking a data-driven approach to producing content that leaders need to help their firms and their people grow.

Check out some of the great insight available now in the March issue:

  • Getting Real: How Firms Are Turning Artificial Intelligence into Genuine Opportunities
  • Inside Perspective: Tales from the Private Equity Front
  • When Diversity Recruitment Backfires: The Paradox of Losing the People Firms Work So Hard to Attract
  • Growth Engines: Where Some of the Fastest-Growing Firms Are Finding Their Spark
  • An Outside Advisory Board Can Find the Gaps in a Firm’s Strategy and Add New Perspective
  • Firms in the News: The Latest M&A Activity
  • People in the News: Recent Hires and Promotions

The subscription-only content in INSIDE Public Accounting Monthly is highly researched and curated to be of the most value for firm leaders. If you’re not already a subscriber, email [email protected] for information on pricing for your firm.


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