Friedman + Huey Admits Two to Partnership


Homewood, Ill.-based IPA 300 firm Friedman + Huey Associates (FY21 net revenue of $17 million) has admitted Jennifer Leon and Sylwia Nazar to its partnership.

Leon joined the firm in 2016 and specializes in entity taxation and working with high-net-worth individuals. She is also active on the firm’s performance management, mentoring and innovation committees, and is involved in the Women’s Leadership Initiative.


“[Jennifer] has demonstrated impressive skills as a leader and mentor within our firm,” says MP John Cremins. “Her dedication and service to her clients is second to no one. She has been a key person in helping our clients and our team grow.”

Nazar has been with the firm since 2013, specializing in partnership taxation and also serving high-net-worth individuals and families. She also leads the Women’s Leadership Initiative.

“Sylwia not only plays an integral role in the service she provides to our clients but also in the way she leads and mentors our team,” says Cremins. “She helps others grow through her leadership of our Women’s Leadership Initiative.”


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