Armanino Admits New Partner Class

San Ramon, Calif.-based IPA 100 firm Armanino LLP (FY21 net revenue of $444.1 million) has admitted the following 26 professionals to its partnership, with women making up half of the firm’s largest new partner class:

  • Ryan Barragar, tax, Irvine, Calif.
  • Jillian Bergman, audit, Austin
  • Summer Breen, audit, Dallas
  • Mike Butler, consulting, Bellevue, Wash.
  • Shandy Dunn, consulting, San Ramon, Calif.
  • Kyle Elam, consulting, Dallas
  • David Fromowitz, business management, New York
  • Grant Goerzen, audit, Denver
  • Kevin Guy, risk assurance advisory, Dallas
  • Stephanie Hardt, audit, St. Louis
  • Allison Jasper, tax, St. Louis
  • Amy Julian, consulting, St. Louis
  • Roberto Marin, tax, San Ramon, Calif.
  • Ian Martini, audit, Irvine, Calif.
  • Megan McDonald, tax, St. Louis
  • Patrick McGuire, tax, St. Louis
  • Kristina Meyer, tax, Los Angeles
  • Jason Morris, tax, Los Angeles
  • Shannon Oswald, consulting, El Segundo, Calif.
  • Parnia Pandkhou, consulting, Los Angeles
  • Gail Peisach, business management, Dallas
  • Todd Reich, tax, St. Louis
  • Eugene Sung, tax, San Ramon, Calif.
  • Brandee Tilman, tax, Los Angeles
  • Joanne Yeung, tax, Philadelphia
  • Chad Zoretic, consulting, Dallas

“Our new partners have diverse career backgrounds and experiences that make Armanino greater and better prepared to empower our clients with the best and most innovative solutions that help them achieve their goals,” says CEO and MP Matt Armanino.



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