GHJ Admits David Sutton


Los Angeles-based IPA 200 firm GHJ (FY21 net revenue of $43.4 million) has admitted David Sutton to its partnership.

Sutton joined GHJ in 2017 and has more than 15 years of experience across finance, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. He is the firm’s private equity practice leader, serving clients ranging from small family offices to established multi-disciplinary funds in the consumer products, manufacturing and distribution, food and beverage, technology and entertainment sectors. He also leads transaction-related projects including quality of earnings, working capital analysis, forecasting and deal structuring, and oversees all of GHJ’s cybersecurity engagements.

“[David’s] work in the M&A space is invaluable to our clients and his leadership has really strengthened our team over the years,” says advisory and transaction advisory services practices leader Anant Patel.


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