RubinBrown Announces New Class of Partners

IPA 100 firm RubinBrown, based in St. Louis, announced partner admissions in its Denver, Kansas City, Las Vegas and headquarters offices. All were effective June 1.

Christine Boushka, tax services, St. Louis

Adam Castellano, assurance services, St. Louis

Hannah Castellano, RubinBrown Advisors, St. Louis

Jenny De Cicco, entrepreneurial services group, Kansas City, Mo.

Ashley Granger, tax services, Denver

Colleen Guillen, assurance services group Kansas City, Mo.

Matt Hartman, RubinBrown Advisors, Kansas City, Mo.

Curtis Hoette, assurance services, St. Louis

Amie Kuntz, tax services, Denver

Kirstin Lambrecht, business advisory, Las Vegas

Debbie Maret, RubinBrown Advisors, St. Louis

Tim McCarthy, assurance services, St. Louis

Samantha Nelson, tax services, Denver

Jennifer Plaisted, tax services, St. Louis

Graham Ryan, assurance services group, Kansas City, Mo.

Jessica Seiffert, tax services, St. Louis

Shelley Woll, assurance services, St. Louis

Kimberly Woods, business advisory, Las Vegas

Jennifer Zanone, business advisory, Denver

Kris Zeid, business advisory, Kansas City, Mo.

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