PKF O’Connor Davies Admits Gary Higgins


New York-based IPA 100 firm PKF O’Connor Davies has admitted Gary Higgins as a partner in its public sector practice.

Higgins has spent decades providing audit and accounting support services to governmental and not-for-profit entities in New Jersey. Prior to joining PKF O’Connor Davies, he served as a managing committee partner and founder of one of New Jersey’s largest accounting firms specializing in servicing local government entities. In addition to his work as PIC of audits of governmental entities represented by the firm, he provided accounting support services in the areas of bond and note issuance, regulatory agency appearances, labor contract negotiations, financial and compliance corrective action plans, cost benefit studies, governmental budgets and administrative and financial management of homeowners’ associations. He also served as the firm’s quality control partner, responsible for the firm’s annual quality control inspection and triennial peer review.

“Over the course of his decades-long career, Gary has built a name for himself throughout New Jersey as one of the state’s foremost audit experts trusted by municipalities and school districts alike,” says executive chairman Kevin Keane. “His broad base of experience will amplify the work of our public sector practice, and his ability to forge long-lasting relationships with clients will ensure we remain a premier partner to those who serve our communities every day.”


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