Growth Consultant Offers 7 Ways to Recruit Proactively

Invest in recruitment, remember the basics and use proactive strategies to get ahead of the competition in the race to hire the best professionals in a shrinking labor market.

The INSIDE Public Accounting team took notice of this advice offered by Vancouver, British Columbia-based growth consultancy Lawrence & Co. in a May 11th blog post. MPs often tell us they’ve got too much work, too few people to complete it and too few prospects in the recruitment pool. Here are seven tips to keep in mind:

  1. Leverage your internal network – “Results are driven by rallying people, alignment, accountability, making the challenge fun and exciting, and then giving them space and time to think and act.”
  2. Make it easy ­– “Tell them exactly what you are looking for and arm them with copy for draft messages, job descriptions and links.”
  3. Leverage your external network ­– “Prospecting for talent is no different than prospecting for customers. Put yourself into a different bubble to leverage other people’s networks.”
  4. Get more muscle – “Double down on internal recruiters or external recruiters.”
  5. Put on your marketing hat – “Get creative with your ad to sell the opportunity, stand out from the crowd and reflect who you are. Be compelling.”
  6. Ask everyone, everywhere – “Talk to friends, neighbors, college roommates or professors, or the coach of your kid’s baseball team who is in a similar industry.”
  7. Do the web work – “Make sure your company website and jobs page are awesome.”


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