MGO Admits Michael Meschures to the Partnership

Michael Meschures

Los Angeles-based IPA 100 firm MGO (FY22 net revenue $134.4 million) announces that Michael Meschures has been admitted as a partner.

Meschures brings a unique balance of creativity and strategic planning when tackling his business management clients’ biggest challenges and opportunities, the firm announced.

In his new role, Michael will focus on advising and overseeing the financial and tax lives of select clients in our private client services group.

“Michael has a technical yet creative mindset that brings out-of-the-box ideas for his clients. With a tireless entrepreneurial spirit, an intuitive service-based instinct, and a tenacious work ethic, he serves as a trusted advisor to some of our most notable clients,” said Kevin O’Connell, CEO and MP.

Meschures has worked for more than 12 years in business management and been at MGO for more than seven years, where he has served a wide range of clients in the entertainment, sports and media industry. From actors to writers to directors and producers, he understands that being a part of his clients’ financial lives requires a unique stewardship and high-trust approach.

Passionate about art and technology, Michael co-founded Art x Co, an innovative experimental art agency that produces unique installations, murals, experiences, activations, technology, merchandising and more for a wide range of clients.


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