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For over a century, the pyramid model has been the foundation of accounting firm structures, leveraging a large base of entry-level staff who ascend to the top over many years. However, experts now argue that this model is becoming unsustainable. Demographic shifts, a shrinking pool of graduates and evolving work preferences are undermining the traditional pyramid. In our June cover story for INSIDE Public Accounting Monthly, we look at how fostering a wider middle tier and incorporating technological advancements, firms can provide more engaging and focused work for new hires, streamline operations, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Among the other topics we’re covering this month:

  • Cultivating Success: The Role of a Growth Mindset
  • Observations from AICPA Chair Carla McCall
  • IPA Data Dive: A Preview of IPA Practice Management Survey Insights
  • IPA Profile: Ken Wolfe
  • Overheard at the Annual Association for Accounting Marketing Summit
  • Firms in the News
  • People in the News

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