Onboarding Research Shows In-Person Meetings Help, but Not a Panacea

A new article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that effective onboarding in a hybrid environment is “less about face time and more about intention, structure and resources.”

Microsoft research notes that onboarding in person, at least for a few days, is a key way to build connections with the manager and the team but in-person meetings alone are not enough to help workers thrive.

What makes the most difference, the research shows, is clear communication about role responsibilities, feedback on new hires’ progress and resources to help them answer questions. “The new hires who are set up with these critical elements of onboarding are three to four times more likely to contribute to their team’s success during the first 90 days, and five to seven times more likely to be satisfied with their onboarding experience.”

The article points out that a good onboarding experience is key to retention. Microsoft data shows that “new hires who are satisfied with their onboarding at 90 days are two times more likely to stay with the company 1.5 years down the road.”

Onboarding is continuing to evolve as companies fine-tune the balance of remaining flexible while meeting the needs of the business and customers. New employees are more successful when they feel supported to work where and when it best suits them.

Read the article to learn three critical insights from Microsoft research on what makes for a positive onboarding experience.


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