Wipfli Admits 10 to Partner Group

Milwaukee-based IPA 100 firm Wipfli (FY23 net revenue of $546.2 million) has announced the admission of 10 professionals to partner, effective June 1, 2024.

The newly promoted partners are:

  • Nate Bartz – Audit and accounting, manufacturing, retail and distribution, Upper Great Lakes.
  • Kate Brown – Technology advisory/analytics, manufacturing, retail and distribution, Great Plains.
  • Cheryl Carr – Outsourced services, manufacturing, retail and distribution, Lower Great Lakes.
  • Jared Heimerl – Tax services, construction and real estate, Upper Great Lakes.
  • Thomas Loring – Core advisory, financial services, Northeast.
  • Ryan Rademann – Technology advisory, construction and real estate, Lower Great Lakes.
  • Lindsey Sabelko – Tax services, financial services, Upper Great Lakes.
  • Andrew Seifert – Tax services, general office, Great Plains.
  • Anthony Shibata – Technology advisory, manufacturing, retail and distribution, Rockies.
  • Sydney Swanson – Tax services, private client, Rockies.

“I am happy to announce the 10 individuals’ admitted to partner. It is a privilege to work with these leaders, knowing they have earned the respect of colleagues and clients,” said Kurt Gresens, MP of Wipfli.


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