IPA Data Dive: The Increasing Role of Offshoring in Meeting Workforce Demands Part Two

Continuing our detailed look at outsourcing and offshoring from the April issue, this month’s examination reveals the number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) firms are outsourcing, the countries firms are outsourcing to, and the companies they are utilizing.

According to the 2023 IPA Practice Management Survey, of the firms that engaged in outsourcing activities last year, two-thirds of them outsourced two-thirds of them outsourced FTEs, with an average of 5.7 FTEs per firm. For firms above $50 million in revenue, the number of FTEs increases to an average of 16.1.

More than half of firms that engaged in outsourcing last year, 54%, sent a portion of their tax returns to a third-party organization. On average, firms outsourced nearly 400 tax returns last year with the firms above $20 million outsourcing more than 600.

In the 2024 IPA Practice Management survey we’ve expanded the number and sophistication of the questions around offshoring and outsourcing. Be sure to complete the survey this year and help shape the future of the profession by including your information in the data set of over 600 firms. Contact IPA for your invitation to participate.


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