Amplify! The Podcast for Accounting Firm Growth – Episode 2 with Brian Swanson

All firms would like to increase the number of prospects it generates from online marketing, and the latest season of the Amplify! podcast by the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) can help. Host Chris Camara, managing editor of INSIDE Public Accounting, discusses all aspects of digital lead generation with the top experts in the field. Over seven episodes, learn to improve your advertising strategy, leverage SEO, create content that converts and more.

Brian Swanson, Chief SEO strategist with FlashPoint Digital Marketing, discusses the evolving landscape of digital marketing in the second episode of the Amplify! Swanson discusses how SEO can enhance valuable content on digital channels to help firms grow and differentiate themselves. The impact of AI on SEO is another hot topic Swanson tackles, and he offers his thoughts on future of digital marketing.

Hear the first episode covering the entire digital lead generation process with David Toth of Winding River Consulting here or here.



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