Crowe Expands in Southern California Through KMJ Merger

Chicago-based IPA top 100 firm Crowe (FY23 net revenue of $1.3 billion) is expanding its presence in California through an agreement with Irvine, Calif.-based IPA top 500 firm KMJ Corbin & Company (KMJ) (FY22 net revenue of $6.1 million).

This strategic transaction, expected to be finalized by mid-May, marks a significant milestone for Crowe as it aims to bolster its audit and tax services within the Southern California market.

Wendy Cama, Crowe’s audit and assurance MP, commented, “KMJ is a well-established firm with a proven track record of delivering exceptional client service through their experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our decision to welcome the KMJ team to Crowe stems not only from our desire to expand in key markets like California but also from a shared commitment to values and culture.”

Nicole Bencik, Crowe’s tax MP, echoed this sentiment, adding, “The integration of the KMJ team into Crowe will undoubtedly benefit both organizations and, importantly, our shared clients, who will gain access to an expanded range of expertise and capabilities.”

Mike Faddoul, KMJ’s MP, expressed enthusiasm about the merger. “Joining Crowe’s comprehensive, multi-disciplinary platform opens up exciting avenues for serving clients in innovative ways, while also offering our team members expanded professional growth prospects.”

With KMJ’s expertise in audit, tax and industry-specific knowledge, Crowe anticipates delivering an unparalleled client experience while catering to the diverse needs of its California-based clientele.


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