AI Integration Surges Across Top Business Schools

The Wharton School. Duke University. Columbia Business School. The University of Pennsylvania. American University. Northwestern. All are immersing their students in AI, and the students are eating it up.

According to the Wall Street Journal, American University’s Kogod School of Business is making an exceptional push, embedding AI into every aspect of the undergraduate curriculum, from forensic accounting to marketing classes, which will begin next year.

“Every young person needs to know how to use AI in whatever they do,” Kogod dean David Marchick told the Journal. Understanding and using AI is now “foundational,” he said, comparing the concept to writing or reasoning.

Students, fearing their future jobs may disappear with generative AI, seem to agree. Of prospective business-school students surveyed by the Graduate Management Admission Council, 40% said learning AI is essential to a graduate business degree. That’s a jump from 29% in 2022, the Journal reported.

Professors have been forced to alter their teaching methods.  Robert Bray, who teaches operations management at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, said ChatGPT can answer most of the questions covered in the textbook on data analytics. When he started to focus on teaching coding using large-language models last year, enrollment more than doubled.

To learn more about how teaching methods are changing and how students are responding, read the full article here.


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