National Pipeline Advisory Group Conducts Surveys to Shape Accounting Talent Strategies

New York-based National Pipeline Advisory Group (NPAG) is currently conducting two surveys aimed at shaping its recommendations this spring. These surveys target college students and professionals in the accounting field. NPAG has been researching pipeline issues since its inception last summer.

The launch of the two surveys marks a significant step in NPAG’s data-driven approach. Lexy Kessler, NPAG’s chair and mid-Atlantic regional leader for the accounting firm Aprio, commented, “We’ve said from the beginning we’d be data driven, that we’re looking to get buy-in from the profession and its many stakeholders, and that we wanted to make NPAG’s process as transparent as possible,”

The surveys are tailored to different audiences:

  • The first survey targets current accounting and business students, seeking their perspectives on strategies to attract new entrants into accounting programs, support their journey to graduation, facilitate CPA Exam eligibility, and address employer strategies for retention and burnout reduction.
  • The second survey is open to the broader accounting profession, including CPAs, accounting and finance professionals, educators, association members, state regulators, and other stakeholders.

Responses to both surveys will remain anonymous to ensure confidentiality.


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