PrimeGlobal Announces Retirement of Controller Anne Hampson

Anne Hampson

PrimeGlobal of Duluth, Ga., announces the retirement of Anne Hampson, a revered financial controller, after 28 years of service.

Hampson has been a cornerstone of financial stewardship at PrimeGlobal since joining the accounting association in January 1996. Hampson has played a pivotal role in navigating the organization through dynamic economic environments, ensuring stability and fiscal responsibility.

Hampson’s dedication has made a lasting impact on the organization. Colleagues and association members alike recognize her as a pillar of integrity and a key driver behind PrimeGlobal’s financial success. Steve Heathcote, CEO of PrimeGlobal, commented, “Anne Hampson’s retirement signifies the culmination of a career marked by excellence and dedication. Her legacy of financial excellence and strategic insight will continue to shape PrimeGlobal’s future endeavors.”

As PrimeGlobal looks toward the future, the organization remains committed to upholding the principles and values exemplified by Hampson, the association announced. Her enduring impact on PrimeGlobal’s financial landscape will continue to shape the organization’s trajectory for years to come.


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