PKF O’Connor Davies Admits Rachel DiDio


New York-based IPA 100 firm PKF O’Connor Davies (FY20 net revenue of $211.8 million) has admitted Rachel DiDio as a partner in its audit and PCAOB practices.

DiDio has more than 15 years of audit and accounting experience. Prior to joining PKF O’Connor Davies, she spent six years as an inspector at PCAOB, evaluating audit firms’ systems of quality control and ensuring the audit quality of broker-dealer audit and attestation engagements. Prior to that position, she worked for a Big 4 firm, providing services to both domestic and international financial services clients.

“Rachel’s experience speaks for itself, and we were immediately impressed by her track record in ensuring compliance and enhancing the quality of audits with an eye toward better outcomes for clients,” says partner John Haslbauer. “Her experience at the PCAOB will be valuable as she takes on a leadership role with our team.”



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