MGO Admits Corey Merrill


Los Angeles-based IPA 100 firm MGO LLP (FY20 net revenue of $82 million) has admitted Corey Merrill as a partner to lead its environmental, social and governance (ESG) practice.

Merrill has significant ESG experience, including strategy, internal and external education, pipeline growth, sales and project execution. He spent 14 years driving business development related to ESG initiatives at PwC, helping clients align economic and ESG goals, and assisting them with regulatory requirements. His experience also includes audits of risk and controls, assurance over automated processing and consulting on enhanced management reporting.

“Corey is an innovator in delivering ESG services,” says CEO and MP Kevin O’Connell. “As investors are demanding more transparency for ESG-related information, and regulatory changes are on the horizon, he is here to help our clients navigate the evolving landscape and prepare them to capitalize on opportunities.”



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