Keiter Launches Data Science and Analytics Service

IPA 200 firm Keiter of Glen Allen, Va. (FY20 net revenue of $31 million), has launched a new data science and analytics service.

Led by new managing director Subhash Jaini, the firm’s Innovative Data Solutions (IDS) service focuses on assisting clients with using data science and analytical services to help drive revenue growth, solve challenges and make informed business decisions. Jaini has over a decade of experience working with businesses and non-profits on machine learning, what-if analysis, text mining, spatial analytics, consulting and decision simulation.

“The new IDS service line is another example of how we are adding services that are driven by our clients’ needs,” says MP Gary Wallace. “We embrace the opportunities where Subhash Jaini and his team of experienced data scientists can assist our clients by solving business challenges through data mining and consulting.”



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