HLB Adds Three Firms

HLB, the global network of independent advisory and accounting firms, has added the following three firms to its membership:

  • Troy, Mich.-based IPA 100 firm Rehmann LLC (FY20 net revenue of $154.8 million)
  • Fort Worth, Texas-based IPA 100 firm Whitley Penn LLP (FY20 net revenue of $148.9 million)
  • Chicago-based Miller Cooper

“It is rather unprecedented to see three Top 100 U.S. firms make a move like this at the same time, and we were thrilled to hear these new members say, ‘the future is HLB’,” says HLB CEO Marco Donzelli. “The depth of service, expertise and geographic coverage these firms bring to the network greatly strengthens our market position and brings us closer to reaching our global growth objectives.”

“HLB is a powerful group of firms that will help position Whitley Penn to continue on our path of strategic growth and influential partnerships,” notes Whitley Penn MP Larry Autrey.

“With technology – and its role in accounting firms – changing so rapidly, it is incredibly valuable to be a part of a network on the cutting edge of these innovations,” adds Rehmann CEO Randy Rupp. “HLB’s commitment to continually keeping its members up to date on available resources and strategies is one of the reasons we chose to join.”




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