Prager Metis Heads to the Metaverse

New York-based IPA 100 firm Prager Metis International (FY20 net revenue of $123.9 million) has become the first CPA firm to officially set up shop in the metaverse, opening a headquarters in the metaverse platform Decentraland. The office is intended to serve as a resource for individuals and businesses in the metaverse looking for accounting and financial advisory services, providing potential clients with assistance in navigating the metaverse from a financial perspective.

“The opening of a metaverse office reflects Prager Metis’ belief that the metaverse will be the future and technology will continue to influence the way the world operates,” says CEO Glenn Friedman. “Our new metaverse headquarters will serve as a bridge between traditional and digital and offer valuable real-world financial services to the metaverse. Our presence in the metaverse shows how serious we are about our vision for the future and supports our belief that there is a tremendous need for financial expertise and resources in the evolving digital world.”

The Metaverse HQ is a three-story digital structure that features an open floor plan that doubles as a gallery space for client NFTs and a large entertainment area, a working space with meeting rooms and conference capabilities, and a rooftop for hosting events and live entertainment opportunities. Led by Brian Goldblatt, the emerging space will be guided by Prager Metis’ international digital asset division, which has worked with cryptocurrency exchanges, mining companies, investment companies and technology companies in various capacities.

“As an international accounting and advisory firm, we are seeing every industry and type of business want to enter the world of digital assets,” says Jerry Eitel, partner of Metaverse HQ in Decentraland. “With the opening of our office in Decentraland, we are excited to serve as a resource for businesses and individuals who need support navigating the metaverse from a financial standpoint.”



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