INSIDE Public Accounting / The Growth Partnership Joining Forces: Frequently Asked Questions

Why has INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) and The Growth Partnership (TGP) joined forces? The two companies have united to help accounting firm leaders make better decisions. IPA and TGP bring together two highly respected financial benchmarking surveys, an award-winning newsletter and an invitation-only annual symposium. Clients of both companies can learn from the data provided by the top 1,000 firms in the U.S., practice management articles and insights from the top minds in the profession.

What does The Growth Partnership do? TGP is a practice management consulting firm that has been serving the accounting profession since 1999. TGP’s main service offerings include outsourced marketing, soft-skills training and strategic planning. TGP’s mission is to help our clients succeed as business owners.

What does “joining forces” mean? IPA is a wholly owned subsidiary of TGP. A team of five people from IPA joined the 25-member TGP team to create a leading practice management  firm serving the profession.

Is IPA still independent? Will the information remain confidential? Absolutely! When TGP merged in The Rosenberg Survey in 2009, independence and confidentiality were of paramount importance. The IPA/TGP combination is no different. Having served the accounting profession since 1999, TGP understands the importance of independence, confidentiality and data integrity, and have implemented numerous systems to ensure data is protected.

Who is the new IPA team? The new IPA team is the old IPA team. Chris Camara and Mark Loehrke write and edit the IPA newsletter, and Chelsea Summers will be the lead liaison for the IPA surveys. Kelly and Michael Platt will be working with TGP over the next 18 months to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Are any changes being made to the IPA survey? The IPA survey will continue to evolve on a yearly basis just as it has since 1987. Participants in the various IPA surveys will see no significant changes.

Who will have access to our confidential survey data? A small group of individuals from TGP and IPA will be allowed to access and report on the data collected. These are the same people who have historically accessed the information through a file-sharing system. They understand just how critical it is to maintain confidentiality and privacy.

How will this affect our association’s relationship with IPA? Other than additional data and resources, the association and its members will see no change.

How will this affect the IPA newsletter? The highly acclaimed IPA newsletter will have the same look and feel, and the experienced writing and editorial team will remain in place. However, TGP will contribute to the thought leadership and professional insight that is covered in the monthly newsletter.

How can I submit news about our firm to IPA? Send an email to [email protected].

Will my newsletter subscription to the IPA newsletter be affected? Not at all.

We have an annual firmwide newsletter subscription – will that change? No changes will be made to the firmwide subscriptions.

How will this affect the PRIME Symposium? The team at IPA and TGP are looking into dates and venues to host the PRIME Symposium in the fall of 2022. This will continue to be an invitation-only event that focuses on thought leadership and the sharing of best practices.

Will firms still be able to participate in the Rosenberg Survey? Absolutely. TGP and IPA encourage firms to choose what works best for them – one survey or both.



Newsletter questions:

Kelly Platt [email protected]

Mark Loehrke [email protected]

Chris Camara [email protected]


Survey questions:

Michael Platt [email protected]

Chelsea Summers [email protected]

Charles Hylan [email protected]


Accounting questions:

Stacy Accardi [email protected]

Kelly Platt [email protected]


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