IPA Data Dive: Firmwide Benefits

IPA Data Dive: Firmwide Benefits

Excerpted from the 2021 INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) National Human Resources Benchmarking Report. Now Available.

Unlimited PTO for 9+ year experienced exempt staff is offered at 15% of all participating firms, increasing in the last year. Only 4% of all firms offer this benefit to the same experience level for non-exempt staff.

Staff sabbaticals are offered to all staff at 8% of all firms. Thirteen percent of all non-Big 4 firms offer partner sabbaticals.

More than half (58%) of firms offer paid maternity leave to all staff and 50% offer paid paternity leave, a benefit that we see increasing every year. Forty percent of firms offer maternity leave to staff that is unpaid, beyond what is required through FMLA, and 28% offer unpaid paternity leave.

Dental benefits are offered by 95% of firms, covering an average of 45% of the premium for employees and 18% for employee dependents.

Short-term disability benefits are offered by 73% of participating firms.

Seventy-eight percent of all participating firms offer a health savings account, but just 15% offer a health reimbursement account.

Domestic partner benefits are offered by 50% of all firms, with 65% offering this benefit in the West region.

Just 10% of firms offer childcare/day care benefits to all staff, with 18% percent of firms in the Southeast region offering the benefit to staff. Just 3% of firms in the Great Plains region offer similar benefits.

Telecommuting options are offered to all staff at 72% of all participating firms (up from 55% in 2019), and 15% of firms restrict this benefit to only professional staff. Telecommuting options for all staff is highest in the Southeast, with 79% of firms providing this benefit to everyone.

Flexible work schedules are offered to all staff at 80% of participating firms, and 47% of firms offer reduced summer hours.

Adoption benefits are not commonplace, with just 14% of firms offering this benefit firmwide. But that number jumps to 39% in firms above $75 million.

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