BPM Launches Virtual Region

Recognizing the changing “normal” of work, San Francisco-based IPA 100 firm BPM LLP (FY20 net revenue of $129.9 million) has launched a new “virtual region,” a virtual experience designed to provide a means of sharing information, facilitating collaboration and offering leadership resources to its employees throughout the U.S.

“We are still figuring things out but are excited about the opportunities this presents for our growth trajectory and our colleagues,” says chief people officer Rob Blasi, who notes that nearly 70% of BPM’s corporate service team leaders are in geographic regions where the firm does not have a physical office. “By embracing a virtual work model, we’re working to ensure all of our colleagues have equal access to professional growth, regardless of where they’re located, while still fostering the in-person interactions that reinforce team building and cross-functional visibility.”

Edward Webb

Advisory partner Edward Webb will serve as PIC of the virtual region.

“The ‘virtual region’ comes in response to our growth and the realities of the modern workforce,” says Webb. “We recognize the transformation taking place in the way our colleagues want to work and how they want to work – the virtual region is where we want them to meet.”

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