MarksNelson Launches Data Analytics Tool

IPA 200 firm MarksNelson LLC of Kansas City, Mo. (FY20 net revenue of $28.8 million), has launched a proprietary data analytics solution for small and mid-sized companies.

Structured in four subscription levels that offer different frequencies and depth of data reporting, the new MN Navigator tool pulls together internal and industry data into a visual tool that helps pinpoint trends and patterns. The tool’s data reporting is supplemented by consultations to help subscribers understand what the results mean and how they can be applied to better business decision-making.

“All businesses, regardless of industry, have business questions they want to evaluate before making the next strategic or tactical move,” says MarksNelson partner Brandi DiGiorgio. “MN Navigator gives them validation and insights needed to answer key questions, such as how to optimize profitability, evaluate staffing model challenges, identify which customers or products are most profitable or understand what top salespeople are doing so those successes can be replicated across a sales team.”

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