BerganKDV CEO to Serve Another Term

Dave Hinnenkamp

St. Cloud, Minn.-based IPA 100 firm BerganKDV has announced that Dave Hinnenkamp has been selected to remain CEO for a second three-year term. He has served as the firm’s CEO since 2018.

In making the announcement, the firm’s board of directors called special attention to Hinnenkamp’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which he helped to mobilize a remote workforce and kept employee safety and job security at the forefront, leading to increased productivity, collaboration and record financial results. The board also noted Hinnenkamp’s focus on the firm’s 2030 vision and long-term goals.

“The board is confident in Dave’s leadership and vision for BerganKDV,” says BerganKDV shareholder and board chairwoman Becky Morgan. “He is as authentic as it comes and makes everyone feel seen and heard within the firm, no matter their role. We fully support his initiatives to drive our firm into a future of sustained growth and opportunity.”

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