Armanino Introduces DataVue to Help Clients With Digital Transformation

San Ramon, Calif.-based Armanino (FY20 net revenue $354.8 million) has released a new methodology, called DataVue, to help companies tackle the full range of digital transformation.

DataVue helps companies through the process by analyzing where they are now and how to streamline product and service delivery. The firm says that digital transformation allows any company, no matter what product or service they sell, to transform the way they interact with customers and deliver their products, but company leaders often don’t know where to start.

“Digital transformation is an immediate imperative,” says Tom Mescall, PIC of consulting at Armanino. “Customers expect digital experiences with companies, and that expectation is driving the need for businesses to adapt. DataVue helps companies accomplish the type of digital transformation they never thought possible, and the many benefits extend from customer experience to improved business operations.”

With DataVue, digital transformation is accessible – doable – for the middle market, the firm says. “The tools to accomplish digital transformation have been democratized, and we’re making them more accessible than ever,” says Ryan Prindiville, a partner in Armanino’s strategy and transformation practice.

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