Sikich Opens New Offices to Support Flexible Work Model

Naperville, Ill.-based IPA 100 firm Sikich LLP is opening a new office in the Milwaukee area and a redesigned office in Indianapolis to support the firm’s new flexible work model, which gives employees the opportunity to work remotely indefinitely – an option more than half of employees have chosen to date.

The Indianapolis office now allows employees to use an online reservation system to find a desk or office with plug-and-play technology that fits their needs. Scheduled to open by the third quarter of 2022, the new office in Brookfield, Wis., will be outfitted with similar features and technology.

“We believe in allowing our people to work how, when and where they are most effective,” says CEO Chris Geier. “These offices are designed to support employees who may not be in the same workspace day in and day out but will need to use an office from time to time to collaborate, meet with clients and prospects, and build rapport with teammates. Milwaukee and Indianapolis are priority growth markets for our organization and will drive forward the evolution of our workplaces.”

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