BKD Launches Workforce Productivity Tool

Springfield, Mo.-based IPA 100 firm BKD LLP has launched a new service designed to help health care organizations assess their workforce productivity. The BKD Workforce Productivity Manager tool benchmarks an organization’s department-specific information against other health care organizations and industry standards to help it understand its current labor ratio.

The tool provides real-time insights into productivity at various levels within an organization and the ability to monitor and measure performance over time. The goal is to help health care companies understand their labor ratios, benchmark specific departmental productivity, form a plan to improve productivity, develop tools to build a strong workforce management culture and get a better handle on successful labor expense and productivity management.

“Health care organizations rely on people to deliver patient services,” says director Kevin Rash. “Productivity should be monitored, understood and improved for continued financial success. That’s where we believe BKD Workforce Productivity Manager can be a game-changer.”

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