The Hopes and Fears of Employees

Almost 40% of workers think their job will be obsolete within five years, according to a new survey from Big 4 firm PwC. More than 32,500 workers around the world participated in the survey that forms the basis of the Hopes and Fears 2021 report, which shows employees longing for more digital skills, more inclusive workplaces and greater flexibility.

Underlying those desires is a fear of what technology means for their current jobs, with 6 in 10 survey participants expressing concern about machines taking over their jobs. As a result, 77% are ready to learn new skills or completely retrain, and 40% of workers have improved their digital skills during the pandemic.

In other areas, the survey touched on everything from diversity and inclusion to remote work to working for a purpose-driven organization, leading to the following notable feedback:

  • Half of workers surveyed said they’ve faced discrimination at work linked to ethnicity, gender, class or age, which led to them missing out on career advancement or training.
  • Almost three-quarters of workers who can work remotely want a mix of remote and in-person working going forward, while only 9% said they’d like to go back to their traditional work environment full time.