Brixey & Meyers Forms New Cybersecurity Joint Venture

Miamisburg, Ohio-based IPA 400 firm Brixey & Meyer Inc. has entered into a cybersecurity-focused joint venture with Cincinnati-based risk management consulting firm RiskVersity. The new company, CyberSure LLC, is a minority-owned advisory firm that assists clients in identifying, quantifying and mitigating cyber risks.

“Cyber risk is growing exponentially with more devices connected to the internet and employees working from home,” says Laurence Jones, president of CyberSure LLC and president and co-founder of RiskVersity. “We want to help our clients better communicate to their brokers and insurance underwriters, so they are financial protected in the event of cyber incident.”

CyberSure’s services include fractional CISO, IT audit and compliance, incident planning and response, and vendor cyber risk management. The company will focus on serving public entities, health care, manufacturing and financial services clients, among others.

“Brixey and Meyer is focused on driving value for our clients and there is an increasing demand for these services,” adds Brixey & Meyer CEO Doug Meyer.

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