Resilience Can and Should Be Taught in the Workplace, Study Says

The CEO of a career coaching company believes that building resilience throughout an organization can boost the bottom line.

CEO Alexi Robichaux’s four-year-old, online career coaching platform, BetterUp, conducted a study that examined the experience of tens of thousands of professionals, before and during the pandemic, to uncover the impact of resilience on organizations throughout this time.

According to Robichaux, researchers said resilience pays off in three ways:

  • Higher revenues ­– Organizations that increased workforce resilience the most achieved more than triple the year-over-year revenue growth of those that increased resilience the least.
  • Innovation – Employees who ranked the highest in resilience scored 22% higher in innovation than their peers, as well as 19% higher in cognitive flexibility and 18% percent higher in team creativity.
  • Less Burnout and Turnover – Teams that have highly resilient leaders are not only more agile and collaborative, but they also have 52 percent lower burnout, are 78 percent less likely to leave the organization and actually feel 57 percent greater purpose in their work.

Robichaux suggests leaders ask themselves three questions to start thinking about helping employees build resilience: How are you supporting managers? How are you promoting wellbeing? How are you personalizing growth?

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