What’s Clogging The CPA Pipeline?

The Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) wants to find out what’s driving the decline in individuals pursuing the CPA credential. To that end, the organization has launched a new in-depth research project, anchored by a survey aimed at understanding why some accounting students and young professionals don’t finish or never even consider the CPA exam.

Through the survey, targeting accounting and finance students and professionals under the age of 35, ICPAS hopes to uncover trends and key issues that will provide a deeper understanding of the perceptions and value drivers that separate those pursuing a CPA from those who take a pass. The survey results will be used to help develop strategies for promoting the CPA credential and ensuring its sustainability and relevance moving forward.

“Earning the CPA credential is one of the most notable ways to establish your professional identity and exhibit a high level of competence in the accounting and finance profession, yet we are witnessing a nationwide decline in new CPAs,” says ICPAS president and CEO Todd Shapiro. “While this trend is not unique to Chicago, Illinois or the Midwest, as a professional membership organization serving CPAs for nearly 120 years, we feel compelled to try to identify the driving factors for the decline.”

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