Leonard Rus Takes the Reins at Gross Mendelsohn & Associates

Leonard Rus

Leonard Rus has been named MP of Baltimore, Md.-based Gross Mendelsohn & Associates (FY20 net revenue of $23.7 million).

Rus replaces David Goldner, MP since 2009.

Rus says, “The firm’s future has never been brighter. Our people are as smart and personable as I’ve ever seen here in my 33 years at the firm. Aside from growing the firm, one of my goals is to foster an environment where we continue to produce strong leaders who ultimately guide the firm for decades to come.”

Rus has led the firm’s tax department for seven years and has served on its executive management team for seven years. According to Goldner, “One of Len’s biggest leadership strengths is his hands-off approach to solving problems. Len knows he has outstanding professionals around him, whether in accounting, tax, technology, marketing or HR. He gets out of the way and lets those professionals do what they do best.”

Rus’ areas of specialization include helping the next generation of high-net-worth families prepare to take over the family business and wealth.

Goldner will continue serving clients as a partner at the firm, also focusing on serving high-net-worth and family-owned businesses. Goldner said there is a strategy behind the firm’s leadership transition. “We have spent the last year preparing for Len to step into the managing partner role. I’ll be able to focus on other opportunities to continue the growth and success of the firm and be available to assist with the transition. I’m not going anywhere.”

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