CEOs Look to Post-Pandemic Future in New PwC Survey

A new CEO Panel Survey from Big 4 firm PwC shows company leaders looking to life beyond COVID-19 and predicting permanent changes for the world of work.

For example, of the 699 global respondents surveyed, 78% believe that widespread remote work is here to stay, with just 21% thinking the shift to be temporary. In addition, 76% of CEOs believe the pandemic has driven permanent shifts toward automation and 61% predict a more low-density workplace in the future. Thanks in part to these pandemic-related shifts, more than 40% of respondents ranked digitizing their core business as one of their top two priorities once the COVID-19 crisis has subsided.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded CEOs of the importance of building resilience into their operating model,” says Kristin Rivera, global forensics leader and partner with PwC US. “Firms that were able to quickly adopt digital working practices or switch their supply chains were better able to withstand the shock. CEOs now need to simultaneously contend with the unfolding pandemic and to rethink how they operate in the future. Not every innovation developed in a crisis is right for the long term, but there is much to learn.”

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