BerryDunn Moving From Its 30-Year Home Next Year

Portland, Maine-based BerryDunn, an IPA 100 firm, is moving its headquarters in early 2021.

The firm is moving from its home of 30 years at 100 Middle St. to 87,906 square feet of office space at 2211 Congress St. According to Mainebiz, it is considered “the largest new office lease signed in suburban Portland in recent memory.”

“A tremendous amount of research, thoughtful consideration and broad-based input went into making the best long-term decision for us,” Robert Moore, director of operations at BerryDunn, says in a release. “The employee engagement and data gathering were immensely valuable. Boulos helped us secure the perfect place; our lease with Unum reflects that.”

Unum owns the building, which is undergoing renovations. The Boulos Group was hired to represent the firm in the transaction and help find new office space as it began running out of room. The Boulos Group surveyed employees to get their feedback.

“We looked at every angle: Downtown versus the suburbs, remaining together versus bifurcation of offices, company growth projections, and evaluation of new construction versus second generation space, all in terms of costs, amenities and employee attraction/retention,” says Chris Paszyc of Boulos.

The firm has 500 employees, 250 of whom work in Portland. The new space will accommodate airy gathering spaces, a fitness center, training facility and client reception areas. The new site will also allow access to walking and biking trails, fresh meals, composting stations, reduced plastic and disposables, and other green initiatives.

John Chandler

“The fresh canvas of 2211 Congress allowed us to envision a world-class learning and development headquarters and hub for our employees from around the country,” MP John Chandler says.

While 50 to 60 employees worked remotely prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire workforce was forced to do so this spring. The expansion will provide more space to spread out and a new HVAC system. “Even if there’s a shift to a more flexible or work-from-home culture, it’s been designed to draw people together when they want to be working together,” marketing director Colleen Oakley told Mainebiz.

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